JBS Gut Restoration Program

6-Month JBS Gut Restoration Program
Reclaim a Peaceful Gut

Have you suffered for months, years, or decades with gut-related issues, autoimmune disease, or declining health that has robbed you of a full life? 

Has conventional medicine failed you (like it did me) and told you that your tests and labs are normal and that you are fine — yet you feel miserable and unsupported?

Do you constantly research, reading endless articles and listening to podcasts and webinars hoping to find the ONE thing that will finally WORK?  

Are you longing to get back to your old self again? To enjoy food, family, travel, and doing the things that bring joy?


Don’t wait any longer! There is hope, help, and healing ahead…

Do you struggle with… 

  • Chronic GERD or reflux?
  • Constant bloating, gas, distention, abdominal discomfort?
  • Debilitating anxiety, brain fog, and low motivation?
  • Persistent constipation, diarrhea, or both!?
  • Crippling arthritis, fibromyalgia, thyroid dysfunction, or autoimmune disease?
  • Chronic sinus issues or congestion?
  • Resistant weight loss OR struggle to gain weight?

Reclaim a PEACEFUL gut and your LIFE with the JBS GUT RESTORATION PROGRAM.

This 6-8 month program is tailored specifically for you and offers personalized medicine/nutrition at its best! 

Restoration of a Healthy Gut

You will learn:

  • The 4 main causes of your gut dysfunction (and how to correct them)
  • Proper foods and quantities for YOUR body 
  • Correct eating techniques for optimal digestive function
  • The nutrients, supplements/herbals, and probiotics best for YOU
  • How to harness the gut-brain connection
  • The role the vagus nerve plays and how to activate it for improved digestion and health

We will get to the ROOT CAUSE(S) quickly with targeted questionnaires, extensive review of your health history and functional lab work so you can prevent and reverse gut-based illnesses and symptoms such as bloat, constipation, gastrointestinal reflux, excessive gas, food and environmental allergies, diabetes, rosacea, Candida, brain fog, skin problems, IBS, depression, anxiety, SIBO, and autoimmune disorders.

The GUT is the foundation to your health. Without a healthy gut, your body systems will continue to struggle and progressively worsen over time. 

Here is why THIS program will set you on the path to success and why I am confident that anyone who has been suffering with gut-related disorders and is ready to find relief NOW should consider this program.  

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  • This program is based on 3 key facts. 1) All body systems are connected (and the gut is your foundation). 2) We are all unique, so each person needs an individualized approach. 3) Everything matters, including your story, your timeline, and your experiences.  Personalized nutrition and functional medicine both look at the body as a whole to help restore optimal function – that is what this program does!
  • There is no guessing. Leading-edge functional testing quickly identifies root cause(s) in order to provide the most appropriate intervention up front. 
  • You stay on track. Expert guidance, collaboration, regular visits and check-ins keep you motivated and progressing every step of the way.
  • We dive deep. Extended visits allow for in-depth assessments and education.
  • We follow a proven 5-Step Gut Restoration Protocol.
  • You get the support you need. 
    • Response times to your questions or concerns are less than 24 hours through the patient portal.
    • Collaborative practitioner and peer support is available. 
    • Complimentary monthly Admission to the GUT WARRIORS Inner Coaching Circle (April 2021)
    • Discounts on visits to allied practitioners to support your care.
    • Special $100 off Registration for the Gut Restoration Blueprint Coaching Course.(Begins Feb. 2021)
  • You receive 20% off all supplements through the Wellness Store to help support you through your gut-based protocols.
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Herbs and Vitamins

What does the JBS Gut Restoration Program Include?

  • Initial IFMNT Comprehensive Consultation – 120 minutes

    • Clinical Nutrition ‘Root Cause’ Analysis
    • Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment
    • Identification of Core Imbalances
    • Functional Lab Review (if labs provided)
    • Nutrition Counseling/ Coaching
    • Specific Supplement Recommendation
    • Lab testing review and instructions
    • Synopsis of nutrition plan, goals, supplements
  • Twelve Follow-up Sessions (~2 visits/month)
    • Six 60-minute follow-up sessions
    • Two 75-minute sessions to review labs
    • Four 30-minute follow-up phone coaching sessions (~1-2 visits/month)
    • Sessions may be done via secure Zoom link
  • THREE Functional Lab Tests – These labs are essential to determine the ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms and guide the most appropriate interventions
    • GI MAP Testing by Diagnostic Solutions – Stool Culture including Zonulin ($450 value)
    • SIBO Testing – Breath test ($200 value)
    • NutraEval by Genova Labs ($349)
    • The following add-on tests may be valuable based on your situation: Food Allergy/Sensitivity Testing, Organic Acid Testing (OAT), Advanced Intestinal Barrier Assessment, Intestinal Permeability Screen, Neurotransmitter Testing . These are not included in the price, but, as a program participant, you will receive 30% off any additional functional lab testing.
  • 20% off ALL Professional Line of Supplements through Julie’s on-line dispensary
  • 5-Step Functional Gut Restoration Protocol
  • Gut Health Roadmaps, Recipes, Resources
  • Secure Patient Portal – All visit notes, supplements lists, recommendations, and 24/7 correspondence are HIPPA-protected and accessible anytime.
  • FREE 1-hour Webinar on Gut Health with 1 year’s viewing after initial visit.
  • 24/7 access via patient portal, phone, or text with response within 48 hours.
  • Complimentary monthly Admission to the GUT WARRIORS Inner Circle Coaching Community (April 2021)
  • 20% discount on initial 60-minute lymphatic or cranial sacral massage (including activation of the vagus nerve) with Terry at Fusion Therapy.
  • Special $100 off Registration for the Gut Restoration Blueprint Coaching Course. (Begins Feb. 2021)
  • Also included ☺ …. a lot of LOVING SUPPORT along the way with check-in’s, high fives, hugs, and cheering you on throughout the ups and downs of the gut restoration journey!

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I Finally Have Answers & Relief!

Julie is a miracle worker! I have been a chronic suffer of digestive issues since I was a teenager. In my 62 years I have seen at least 20 Gastroenterologists, none of which could ever pinpoint my conditions. Everyone always labeled my issues as IBS, with no conclusive testing or treatment other than prescription medications, which over the years have made my condition worse. After my first phone consultation with Julie, I knew she understood my issues. At my initial appointment she was prepared with a wealth of information about what could be the root cause of my digestive distress. She recommended testing, change of diet, elimination of certain medications, and outlined a program that was easy for me to follow, including recipes that are delicious. When the tests results came back conclusive of my disease, I was shocked that my Gastroenterologists had never even thought to test these simple, easy tests. I was treated with an antibiotic (by my Gastroenterologist), added supplements, and made changes to my diet. In the past three months, Julie has changed my life. Digestive issues are not simple and everyone’s are different, but Julie has the knowledge and compassion to help patients who are suffering.


YOU are VALUABLE!  Your Health is your Wealth.

You deserve to enjoy a life you love, free from gut symptoms TODAY!

I have walked through my own gut and health journey. I KNOW what you are going through. I once was desperate to find answers too. It took time, testing, and a lot of work … but I made it to the other side, stronger and passionate about the work I do. That is why I would love to walk with you on your journey to a PEACEFUL gut and restored health.

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With A Free 15-Minute Discovery Session
& Learn about Special Pricing

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