6-Month Gut Restoration Program

JBS Gut Restoration Program

Reclaim a Peaceful Gut

This 6-month intensive provides root cause analysis to get to the core of your gut issues quickly and effectively optimizing immune, skin, digestive, and cardiovascular health. It offers cutting-edge gut health stool and blood analysis, 12-timely and extended sessions to stay focused and on track with key protocols, targeted assessment, resources, recipes, nutrient roadmaps and more as you begin to break free from your struggle and find freedom from chronic gut and health issues!

If you struggle with complex health and gut related issues such as gastroparesis, SIBO, chronic gut dysfunction, inflammation, and autoimmune issues, this program is designed especially for you.

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Nutrition Coaching

These 1-1 sessions are personalized and tailored to get to the root cause of your health struggle at your own pace. Coaching is used to help you identify and overcome obstacles and achieve sustainable change. Prior to your visit, you will be asked to complete a comprehensive wellness assessment to ensure your initial visit is most effective and productive.

Initial Comprehensive Consultation

Together we will take the journey to review past and current medical issues, medications/ supplements, lab work/physician notes, lifestyle habits, environmental factors, food preferences, and support system in order to begin to personalize a nutrition & wellness plan to heal from the inside out.  You will leave with specific goals and guidelines to begin implementing for effective change until the next visit.

Follow-up Sessions

Includes review of prior goals to assess progress and identify obstacles. Support and guidance is provided to effectively implement your Nutrition Protocol; determine need for additional lab work and collaboration with support practitioners; make adjustments/modification to supplements and more to meet your specific needs. I am committed to partnering with you as far as you would like to go on your wellness journey.

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I Am Losing Weight, Confident, And Have A Positive Outlook.

Julie was recommended to me by another person who also had a history of cancer. I was struggling with losing weight didn’t know what vitamins were right for me. My most valuable lesson I learned was that by eating properly, I could lose weight at the same time! I now feel more confident about my intake of vitamins. Working with Julie, has given me a positive outlook that I am heading in the right direction for a healthier life style. By eating healthier, my blood pressure medication has decreased! I learned that I have control of my body as well as being aware of what goes in it. When I find myself, back into my old habits, my subconscious gets me back of track!

Thank you Julie!


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