Did you know…You are more bacteria than human? With approximately 1000 trillion bacteria cells vs. 10 trillion human cells.

This equates to about five pounds of bacteria in your gut that “speaks” and interacts with the rest of your body systems.  Microbes are involved in every aspect of your health from ensuring digestive wellbeing, influencing your weight, impacting risk of asthma or sinusitis, or developing thyroid or diabetes — these little bugs even play a role in brain chemistry and mental well-being affecting mood and emotions.

A healthy and diverse garden of healthy bacteria is essential to optimal health! Today’s changing world is negatively influencing our precious microbiome (the collective name for the trillions of bacteria that live in your digestive tract). Diet, medications, stress, lifestyle habits, lack of sleep and exercise, nutrient deficiencies, exposure to toxins, reoccurring infection, food poisoning, travel, and more all have an effect! Our standard Western living and super-sanitized lifestyles are starving our microbiomes, depleting the “good bugs” that are so essential in maintaining health. Poor gut health is connected to the growing number of digestive ailments as well as seemingly unrelated autoimmune and chronic disease.


70–80% of your immune system is in your gut, and all disease starts with inflammation.

When there is an imbalance of gut bacteria (dysbiosis), a break down in the lining of the gut (gut permeability), or inflammation, it will wreak havoc on your well-being. Your collection of gut microbiome is unique to you and should be one of the most important areas of your health you nourish and care for! As research continues to unfold, it is clear the vital role the gut plays in our well-being.

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WOW and these are only some of the activities of healthy gut flora.

Every day in my practice I see clients with telltale signs of an unhealthy gut — bloating, IBS, eczema, gluten intolerance, thyroid disorder, weight problems, Crohn’s disease, colitis, fatigue, brain fog. They, perhaps like you (and once like me), are desperate to find answers and solutions to the many symptoms and ailments they experience for which multiple medications and therapies can’t fix. I am committed to being your resource and partner to help you find hope and healing — so you can experience a PEACEFUL GUT and reclaim the health you deserve!

What does a healthy and PEACEFUL GUT do for you?

  • Digests your food
  • Promotes gut motility or movement
  • Synthesizes B vitamins and Vitamin K (vital for bone health)
  • Produces ATP (energy)
  • Converts T4 to active T3 (key to a healthy thyroid)
  • Inhibits growth of intestinal pathogens (bad bugs)
  • Breaks down bile acids (promotes a healthy gallbladder and liver)
  • Stimulates and regulates immune system (fights inflammation)
  • Produces antimicrobial substances (kills the bad bugs keeping gut lining healthy)
  • Promotes steroid hormone production

Why your struggle tells your story

One of the most valuable resources I use in my practice to understand your struggle is to learn and listen to your story! As I put my detective hat on and work to determine the possible root cause of your symptoms, it is important to look back at your history. I do this using a detailed and effective wellness inventory looking at key areas that can influence the gut and overall health.

For example, a multiple round of antibiotics for a chronic infection, trauma or stress, food poisoning, diagnosis of thyroid disease, yo-yo dieting, and long term use of antacids can all begin to influence and affect the gut microbiome. The effects of these may not begin to surface for years or decades later, often making it seem that it came “out of the blue” when in fact most clients  have a “bread crumb trail” that they never realized existed.

This is why I devote time to learn about you, listen to your story, and understand your situation to make the most responsible recommendations and slowly help you discover a PEACEFUL and balanced gut that will give way to improved wellness – body, mind, and spirit!

The Battle of Weight and Gut Dysfunction Is Over!

I met with Julie after a 2-year-long battle with IBS, diverticulosis, gastritis, GERD, and inflamed intestines. I was bloated, exhausted and depressed….and at a complete loss of how to help my body. Working with her for the past 8 months has brought about a complete change in my diet, metabolism, energy, knowledge of foods, and eating habits. I am now out of pain, eat wonderful foods, and have lost weight. I am no longer bloated and my energy is returning. Julie has made ALL the difference in my health. I am awed by her knowledge of nutrition and the body. She is the BEST!

 Barbara L.

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